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Last minute

  1. Live updates: Trump denies witness tampering, says he has right to free speech  The Washington Post
  2. Yovanovitch grilled on alleged Ukraine election meddling as DNC figure defends role  Fox News
  3. A witness who can paint a picture of a U.S. foreign policy hijacked by Trumpian bag men  The Washington Post
  4. Column: Intimidation? Trump threw Twitter acid on Marie Yovanovitch  Los Angeles Times
  5. The first week of public impeachment hearings just wrapped up. Here are the main takeaways  CNBC
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  1. Ambassador told Trump that Ukrainian President would do 'anything you ask him to,' official testifies  CNN
  2. Impeachment witness provides firsthand account of hearing Trump demand ‘investigation’ of Bidens by Ukraine  The Washington Post
  3. Witness reveals what President Trump said on Ukraine phone call  CNN
  4. Column: When it comes to impeachment, Republicans are playing dumb  Los Angeles Times
  5. Why Ukrainian democracy matters | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. California and nearly two dozen other states sue Trump administration for the right to set fuel-efficiency standards  The Washington Post
  2. California sues EPA over Trump revoking emissions waiver | TheHill  The Hill
  3. California sues Trump again for revoking auto emissions limits  Los Angeles Times
  4. More Than 20 States, District of Columbia Sue EPA Over Emissions Standards  The Wall Street Journal
  5. California, other U.S. states sue to block EPA from revoking state emissions authority  Reuters
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